The Woodbridge Community 

Woodbridge is located in the central region of Irvine. It covers roughly four square miles and has approximately 9,500 homes. The community features two large man made lakes bisecting the two residential segments commonly referred to as North lake and South lake. Each half of the Woodbridge communities hosts a lake at its center. The lakes are between three and six feet deep and each is crossed by a large wooden footbridge, providing the village its name.

Community highlights: 

Nestled in the heart of the Woodbridge community is the Woodbridge Village Center or "The Center", which has a variety of retail stores including a Barnes and Noble, Woodbridge Starplex Movie theatre, Ruby’s Diner, several retail and medical offices and hot yoga. This Center is currently undergoing a $30 million update and is slotted to be be renovated by August 2017.

Woodbridge is a larger community with a home town feel—well suited for the young and old. With so many paths for biking, walking, outdoor living and activities, coupled with a plethora of recreational parks, Woodbridge is truly a unique place to live.